Watercolors are precisely executed and permit the delicacy and charm of the imagination to radiate from the page. 

Watercolors are painted on acid-free watercolor paper unless otherwise specified, and some are embellished with 24K gold or silver foil. They are matted with acid-free mat, place behind plexiglass, and framed in wood. 


The Seasons - each 18x22". 

Summer $275.

Winter $275.


Spring $275.

Wolf Watch by the Moon.jpg

Beings of the Moon. 16x18" Sold

Magnolia Dream.jpg

Magnolia Dryad. 171/2x141/2" $200

Astromeria Fae.jpg

Astromeria Fae. 21x243/4" $275

Waves of the Night.jpg

Waves of the Night. 18x211/2" $200

She of Strawbery and Gold.jpg

Strawberries and Gold.

Waterolor on board. 161/2x191/2" $250

Golden Calf.jpg

Golden Calf. 19x23" SOLD

A Beauty's Glance.jpg

A Beauty's Glance. 15x18" $250

Carnation's Tears.jpg

Carnation's Tears. 23x263/4" SOLD